Tuesday, April 11, 2006

PDA Nirvana?

I was not to sure about the switch at first but now... I LOVE THE TX! It
is the closest PDA so far, to handheld perfection. It does have a few
flaws but it does so many things right. First the flaws:

1) Lack of a microphone
2) Some memory issues (fixable with third party software)
3) Lack of a Removable Battery

And two minor irritations, I like the old HotSync connector on the Zire 72
better and Graffiti seems a little slugish at times.

What does it do right?
WiFi&Bluetooth, 128mb, big screen, almost all apps work well. Loads of
little "PalmZen" usability features.

Having WiFi always available is now something I will not be able to go


Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Life and what not

Ok, so I haven't exactly been on top of posting. :) Life is getting in the way. I upgraded (after much effort) to a Palm TX. So this will be my first post with it. The database comparasion might wait until I do a quick post on my experiences with the switch.