Friday, March 17, 2006


Sickness is making the rounds at my house so I haven't been up to posting. I am still working on a post comparing a few of the Palm databases available, look for it next week.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Palm Games

Commercial Games
Edge - Very good RPG
CasinoStud - Good time waster.
Triv - Fun
Legacy - Fun RPG
Snails - Fun. One of these days, I'll try the multi-player.
WordPop! - Great Fun
Insanaquarium - Fun
Warfare Inc. - Best Palm RTS
Word Challenge - Great Fun, good value.
PopCap Games Pack 1 - Great Fun
- Bejeweled
- Mummy Maze
- Alchemy
- Seven Seas
- Atomica
Fish Tycoon - Great Fun
Village Sim - Great Fun
Super Miners - Great Fun, another to try multi-player on.
Medieval Heroes II - Fun
Arvale: Journey of Illusion - OK, gets repetitive.
Scrabble - Great Fun
Firestorm - Good Gameboy emulator, very poor support.
Jack or 100 Ways to Barbeque - Good game, would be better with a joystick.

Freeware Games
W.W.Y.T. - Awesome game! :) Guess who wrote it...
LifeCtr - Ditto. MtG life counter
SameGame - Fun
SolPoker - Fun
Prison - Fun
CliFrotz - Fun. Zork returns!
SpaceTrader - Fun
Hearts - Fun
Yahdice - Great Fun
Little John P - Good Gameboy emulator

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Palm Software

I think I'll break up the software part into 4 sections, freeware apps, freeware games, commercial games and commercial apps. Those with an asterisk are the ones I can't live without.

Commercial Apps<\B>
Documents To Go Premium - Excellent Office app! Does a good job of the basics while on the road.
QuickOffice 7.5 - I used this for a while until I got the Zodiac. It is a fine alternate Office app.
iSilo - A very good offline HTML reader.
HanDbase 3 - A good database with Desktop component.
* SplashID - I use this every day. It works perfectly for keeping track of my plethora of passwords.
* eReader Pro - I absolutely love being able to carry several books with me all the time.
* HandZipper - Easy to use archive utility. I keep my entire library of books in a Zip file on sd.
* BackupMan - Inexpensive and indispensible.
* Snappermail Enterprise - Tried other email apps but this one is the best.
SmartList 3 - A good database program.
* VFSFTP - Well done and easy to use file transfer.
* ZLauncher - This lets me have all of my apps available in the smallish 32 megs. Also has a decent file manager.
TomeRaider 3 - A good reference file reader. Currently I have the IMDB and few others. If I ever get a 2gb card, I will try out the WikiPedia.
pedit Pro - An excellent text editor, somewhat overloaded with features.
* Datebook 5 - The best enhancement to the built-in datebook. I use it to share calendars with my wifes Palm.
Novii Animator - Good little drawing/animation app.
Novii Remote - Gotta love being able to use the Palm as a remote control.
Printboy Premium - Allows simple printing.
Quizzler 4.01 - Somewhat replaced by the freeware QuizWiz
* Pocket Tunes Deluxe 3 - Bookmarking and OGG playback make it great for Audiobooks.
Mapopolis Navigator & Maps - Great navigation sofware.
Pathaway 4 - Good at tracks for biking but difficult to get maps cheaply.
Leonard Maltin Movie Guide - Good movie database.
TealPaint6.30 - Solid paint program.
* TealScript 3.50 - Indispensable
SplashPhoto - Photo viewer.
Score Wizard - Nice way to keep score without paper.
Mobile-TS - Remote Desktop, tough to use on the small screen.
MobileDB - Got this free database which works well.
Card Export II - Use my Palm as a flash drive? YeeHaw!
HotPaw Basic - Should have been built-in.
TraxItAll - Track just about anything.
BackupBuddyVFS 3 - Not bad but Backupman beat it out.
HanDbase Reporter - Don't really use this much.
PDA Cookbook - I sacrificed this one due to space concerns. It is a very powerful recipe book.
ShadowPlan - Next version should have support for notes. Very good outliner/todo replacement.
mmPlayer - Good video player but now replaced with TCPMP
pTools - Loads and load of tools that I just didn't use.
HiLauncher - Pretty good popup launcher.
* ClipPro - Easy to use and so very useful! Gives you multiple large clipboards to work with.

Freeware Apps
FileZ - Great File Manager
TCPMP CORE - Great Video Player
HandyShopper - My grocery store companion.
HappyDays - Keeps me up on everyones birthdays. I use the note field in Contacts.
Keyring - Good free app but now using SplashID for the Desktop companion.
Converter - Very handy to convert lots of measurement formats.
QuizWiz - Replace the kids flash cards.
Icon Manager - Great for getting just the icons I want into Datebk.
SplashBlog - Easy to post my crude Palm pics.
u*blog - Used to write this post.
DB - A decent free database.
TikTok - Several stopwatches.
BigClock - Alarm clock
* TimeCopy 1.4 - Sync Time with PC, I have used this on all of my Palms.

Next up will be Palm games.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Palm Hardware

Let's start with my Palm Hardware:

Handspring Visor Platinum - Very nice Palm, I just outgrew it. Very reliable, it still works.
Palm m505 - Not bad, my sister uses this one now. Once I got the Zod though, I couldn't go back.
Tapwave Zodiac 2 - I loved and hated it. So many nice features, just not very reliable and it had too many quirks. Excellent for gaming!
Zire 72 - So far, so good. I like this little powerhouse. The only wishes would be for more memory and a larger screen.

Motorola v710 CelPhone - I use this to connect to the Internet or work via BlueTooth. It works fairly well but is somewhat slow. I never could get the SMS program to work with this phone.

Belkin GPS - One of my favorite BlueTooth gadgets. I use this all the time with Mapopolis and PathAway. It is tiny and sits nicely on the dashboard.

Zoom Modem - Occasionally I will use this to connect to the Internet while traveling. Connecting to RoadRunner with it is faster than using the Motorola.

Belkin BlueTooth Access Point - I use this all the time at home. It is much faster than using dial-up. Range is fair and reliability is excellent.

Universal Wireless Keyboard - I don't use this as much as I thought I would even though it works well. I also have an old StowAway that would connect directly to a Handspring Visor which was more comfortable for typing. One of the major problems with the keyboard with the Palm is that most applications are not designed for keyboard input. You usually need to get out the stylus for certain operations.

Boxwave VersaCharger - Can't seem to get this to kick off a full charge cycle yet, it will only trickle charge.

Boxwave Battery Adapter for miniSync - This is very cool, it lets me charge anywhere and seems to work very well with the Zire.

Bowave miniSync - An easy adapter that lets me plug into almost any PC and transfer files with Card Export.

Styra Pen/Stylus - I love having the pen with me all the time. Feels good in the hand.

Sena Zire 72 Case - The first case I ever bought for a Palm device. I love this case, it is slim, allows me to carry two extra sd cards and has an optional belt clip. Well worth the money.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Palm Ranting

Ok, everyone else is doing it so.... I'll throw in my two cents. I am currently using a Zire 72 generously donated by my wife. I like it quite a bit so far. The only things it lack are a large screen and memory. Memory constantly seems to be a problem. I am using ZLauncher to shuffle stuff off to disk but it would be so much nicer if this thing had about 256 megs of memory! (Hey, I can dream!) I find myself using the Camera and Voice Memo stuff much more than I ever thought I would. Splashblog is a great free app for posting pictures taken with the built-in camera. I coughed up the bills for a leather Sena case because the Blue coating is rubbing off in various places. I aboslutely love the Sena! It is well designed and makes it easy to carry a few spare sd cards.

In my next few posts, I will list my applications and thier cost/usefulness to me. And there are a lot. I may even give u*blog a go to try to post for a while :)

Till then. -joe-



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