Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Little Brother

I just finished reading "Little Brother" by Cory Doctorow. It was a
thoroughly enjoyable book which I found it difficult to put down.
Doctorow crafts a fully belivable modern Orwellian America with
realistic characters. I read the book for free on the iPod Touch using
Stanza and as soon as I finished, I ordered a hard cover from Amazon.
I plan on lending it to several of my friends. Rating: A+

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Thursday, April 02, 2009

More iPod Touch Games

Hidden Expedition Everest - A nice seek and find game. Not a lot of
strategy buy good to pass the time.

Wurdle - A fun variation of Boggle. It lets you play the same layout
for multi-player games. (one person after the other)

Word Jong - Majohng tiles removed to make words. Fun and can be quite
challenging. Chicktionary is still my favorite!

iDracula - A side scrolling shooter? Yes, and it is ok, the controls
frustrated me so I haven't played much of this one.

LightBike - 3D Tron. Fun for a bit. Lets you play 2 player on the
same screen or 4 player with WiFi.

Blocked - This is Traffic on the Palm, get the object to the exit by
moving the other objects out of the way. Simple and fun, good for
short bursts.

Primrose - Reminds me of life crossed with Merlin. A fun and very
challenging puzzle game.

Puzzle Quest (Chapters 1&2) - Saved this for last, because I have this
game on PSP and DS as well. I really like this game, it makes
Bejeweled type game play fun. The iPod version falls in between the
PSP and the DS as far as playability. For a few reasons the PSP works
better, due in most part to a larger screen and more accurate
controls. The control on the Touch is very good for the most part, I
just think the Analog stick on the PSP is quicker and better suited to
the game play. Personally, I think this game is better that Aurora

More to come...