Thursday, September 11, 2008

PSP RPG Strategy

A quick comparison of a few strategy RPG games for the PSP.

Jeanne d'Arc:
Clean and simple with crisp beautiful graphics. Low learning curve.
Available as a download.

Disgaea Afternoon of Darkness:
Humorous, medium difficulty with good depth of play. Decent graphics.
Medium learning curve.

Final Fantasy Tactics War of the Lion:
Mediocre graphics. Huge depth of gameplay. Daunting to learn.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

PSP vs DS revisited

If Sony can keep putting more content on their store, they will even out
their 'portability' comparison to the DS. I love being able to carry a
handful of games with me, right on the memory stick inside the PSP.
Allowing me to put the games on up to 5 units makes it attractive to even
replace good games I own on UMD. Now I just need a few 16gb memory sticks!