Friday, June 06, 2008

PSP vs DS Durability Revisited

Ok, I got to thinking the other day about portable game system
durability. My PSP and DS have been dropped approximately 5 or 6
times each. PSP Repairs TWO (screen replacement, power switch
replacement) DS Repairs ZERO. Just another thing to think about when
getting a game system for a younger child. I am pretty cautious with
my electronics, the PSP was in the supplied neoprene case when I
dropped it, breaking the screen. (It hit on the exposed edge and not
from more than 1-2 feet) On the other hand I have a friend with young
kids who got DS Lites about 5 months ago. One of them has a cracked
hinge and does not snap into place anymore, but the DS still
functions. Both of my PSP mishaps rendered the system unusable...
Overall the closed case system is more durable in my opinion.