Tuesday, August 04, 2015

What Do I Miss About My iPhone?

I know I definitely have a love/hate relationship with Apple.  Apple does so many things right, their products are generally easy to use and for the most part they are well made.  It is the things they do wrong that infuriate me.  The iOS walled garden makes it tough to exchange data between apps, also apps never “crash,” they just occasionally exit with no explanation :-(, over priced hardware with limited storage, planned obsolescence… and finally the bloated mess that is iTunes.  There are two things I do miss however, Android Cut and Paste is not quite as easy as on iOS and I really miss the ability of double tapping on the top of the screen to go to the top of web pages!  In general, I really don’t like the iPhone keyboard, it is not very user friendly.  Multiple tapping to get keys and weird shifting, Swype is so much easier to use!  Who knows, the next new Apple shiny might lure me back… for now though, Android is my daily driver.

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Monday, August 03, 2015

Using Cryptsync with Android

One way you can use Cryptsync file with Android is with a combination of FolderSync and ZArchiver Pro. You can set the .cryptsync to automatically open ZArchiver and then just use the encryption password you have set. With FolderSync, you can sync specific folders over to your Android device from a variety of sources such as, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, or even a SFTP site. Then you extract the file wherever you want. All of this keeps your files more secure and in your control.

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