Thursday, September 28, 2006

The Perfect Palm

\\Begin RANT\\
My version of the perfect Palm was already out there... almost!  I have been through several handhelds in my days:

*Various RadioShack Handheld Computers

*HP200lx - A great little machine that was built like a tank. Loads and loads of DOS programs available.

*Handspring Visor Platinum - My first Palm, It is still working today.  I loved the Springboard concept.  Nice Datebk as well.

*Palm 505 - Not bad but not enough memory, I used this while I had other various Palms.

*Zodiac 2 - This was *almost* a perfect Palm:
The Good:
128 megs / graphics accellerator / great launcher / great built-in apps / two sd card slots / vibrate / analog stick / fantastic screen / felt very good in the hand (the absolute best ebook reader with its shoulder buttons) / BlueTooth
The Bad:
The HotSync Connector was horrible! / some digitizer problems / no built-in WiFi/battery was so-so

*Zire 72 - Very good, only downside was low memory and no built-in WiFi

*Palm TX - Mixed bag, it does lot very well but it can be frustrating at times.  A mic would have been nice...

On question; Why did they ever change from the HotSync connector that the Zire 72 uses???  It always worked!  No little pins to break, etc.  Standard USB cable, imagine that!

Other Apps I think they should include in ROM:
 CardExport II
 Datebk 6
 Some sort of MP3 Alarm clock!

I really wish Tapwave had stuck around for one more Zodiac release...

\\End RANT\\  :)

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