Thursday, January 24, 2008

Puppy Linux

I made the plunge on my old Dell Inspiron 3200 notebook and it is
fully running Puppy Linux now! So far very nice things like:

2:00 minutes to boot to desktop (30 seconds is the post)
jDarkroom and Java installed for clean no-frills writing (hopefully
this will spur me on!)
OpenOffice 2.2
A working LinkSys NIC! - This took a bit of digging.
SSH & rdesktop to get in to my work PC securely
Quick and dirty backup of my docs to a CF card

I will try to post some more experiences as the come...


Unknown said...

Did you have to use any special boot parameters to get puppy linux to boot?
The live cd won't load on either 3200 that I have.

-joe- said...

I had to get tricky to install. I created a USB with puppy on it and then booted Puppy from CD with the pmedia=usbflash parameter. Puppy can't seem to properly use the cd/dvd drive completely. So basically it uses the CD to boot and then passes off installation to the USB drive.