Friday, May 01, 2009

Newest games

The latest three games for the Touch are all very good games.

Uniwar - Awesome! I can't seem to stop playing this game. I have run
the battery down several times already in an effort to "play just one
more round." I can't wait to try the online multi-player. This game
is basically turn based Starcraft. Seems well balanced so far.
Graphics are crisp and control is excellent. [Rating: A-]

Azkend - Fun tile based puzzle game with achievements and enough
diversity to keep my interest. [Rating: B]

FlightControl - Fun quick little game that I seem to be horrible at.
(But I keep playing?) Use your finger to control planes fight paths.
Land them without hitting other planes. Simple, right? Sure :)
[Rating: B-]

More to come...

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