Tuesday, January 20, 2009

iTouch Apps

Random musings about the Apple iTouch:

iTouch apps I have so far: (* denotes free)

*eReader - Excellent eBook reader (the Touch is a great ebook reader)
*Stanza - Very good eBook Reader
*Twitterrific - Manage Twitter account, it was free. They have a
version without ads for pay.
*Flickster - Movie Showtimes (might get rid of this, I think it duplicates i.TV)
*Remote - Control iTunes on your PC (haven't tried it yet)
*Shazam - Record and identify songs (you might get more use out of
this since you have a built-in mic)
*Google Earth - nifty
*i.TV - TV/Movie Guide - does NetFlix, Tivo (ad supported, I like it so far)
*PhoneFlix - mange Netflix Queue (might be replaced by i.TV)
*Ping Lite - useful for network diagnostics
*Watchmen - Loads of info & trailers for the movie
*SaiSuke Free - Calendar replacement that syncs with Google (free
version does 7 days)
*1337pwn - XBox Live friend list (slow but kind of fun)
*IGN - Game reviews
*Wathchmen - Info and clips of the movie
SplashID - Password Database Program (syncs to a desktop version)
Wikipanion - Reformats and allows offline viewing of Wikipedia articles
Photogene - Crop and simple photo editing
Converter - Measurement conversion (nice and simple)
HanDbase - Database Program (syncs to a desktop version, supports CSV/PDB files)
Brushes - Basic drawing program (sometimes tough to adjust the sliders
but it is a nice and simple app)
Take A Note - Text/Draw/Record notes and lets you share them with a PC
(I used this to get my Palm Memos copied over)
Air Sharing - Lets you view a variety of files and use your Touch like
a Flash Drive
Score - Keep scores for up to six players in any type of game
iSSH - SSH client
Toodledo - Task Manager (web sync)

*TapDefense - Tower Defense Game
*Topple - Game like Jenga
*Labyrinth Lite - Marble Moving Game
*CrystalDef Lite - Tower Defense Game
*Frotz - Text adventures like Zork
*Labryinth LE - Marble rolling
FieldRunners - Tower Defense Game
Reign - RPG/Strategy
Enigmo - Weird Game, but fun
Dr. Awesome - Remember Qix? Fun and cheap.
7Cites TD - Very Fun Tower Defense Game
Tiki Towers - World of Goo Clone?
Aurora Feint II (Arena) - Puzzle Quest/Bejeweled type game

*Lightsaber - Motion active lightsaber
*Flashlight - White Screen
*Backgrounds - Good background downloader (ad supported)
*PktSounds - A variety of sounds (sounds are soft when playing through
the speaker)
iFart - Gotta have fart sounds
MachDice - Die roller

I Want to look closer at these things:

Pocket Informant - calendar replacement & google sync
VNC?/Remote Desktop
MazeFinger (free)
Spore Origins
Pandora Radio
Fring - (trying today!)
Line Rider iRide
Manifesto (free?)
omz:software Newsstand
LateNiteSoft Sketches
Tap Tap Revenge (free)

AirCurve - (Interesting speaker enhancement gizmo?)
Audio-Technica ATH-ANC7 $125-220 (Headphones)

More to come as I continue to explore this great little device!

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