Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Palm Software

I think I'll break up the software part into 4 sections, freeware apps, freeware games, commercial games and commercial apps. Those with an asterisk are the ones I can't live without.

Commercial Apps<\B>
Documents To Go Premium - Excellent Office app! Does a good job of the basics while on the road.
QuickOffice 7.5 - I used this for a while until I got the Zodiac. It is a fine alternate Office app.
iSilo - A very good offline HTML reader.
HanDbase 3 - A good database with Desktop component.
* SplashID - I use this every day. It works perfectly for keeping track of my plethora of passwords.
* eReader Pro - I absolutely love being able to carry several books with me all the time.
* HandZipper - Easy to use archive utility. I keep my entire library of books in a Zip file on sd.
* BackupMan - Inexpensive and indispensible.
* Snappermail Enterprise - Tried other email apps but this one is the best.
SmartList 3 - A good database program.
* VFSFTP - Well done and easy to use file transfer.
* ZLauncher - This lets me have all of my apps available in the smallish 32 megs. Also has a decent file manager.
TomeRaider 3 - A good reference file reader. Currently I have the IMDB and few others. If I ever get a 2gb card, I will try out the WikiPedia.
pedit Pro - An excellent text editor, somewhat overloaded with features.
* Datebook 5 - The best enhancement to the built-in datebook. I use it to share calendars with my wifes Palm.
Novii Animator - Good little drawing/animation app.
Novii Remote - Gotta love being able to use the Palm as a remote control.
Printboy Premium - Allows simple printing.
Quizzler 4.01 - Somewhat replaced by the freeware QuizWiz
* Pocket Tunes Deluxe 3 - Bookmarking and OGG playback make it great for Audiobooks.
Mapopolis Navigator & Maps - Great navigation sofware.
Pathaway 4 - Good at tracks for biking but difficult to get maps cheaply.
Leonard Maltin Movie Guide - Good movie database.
TealPaint6.30 - Solid paint program.
* TealScript 3.50 - Indispensable
SplashPhoto - Photo viewer.
Score Wizard - Nice way to keep score without paper.
Mobile-TS - Remote Desktop, tough to use on the small screen.
MobileDB - Got this free database which works well.
Card Export II - Use my Palm as a flash drive? YeeHaw!
HotPaw Basic - Should have been built-in.
TraxItAll - Track just about anything.
BackupBuddyVFS 3 - Not bad but Backupman beat it out.
HanDbase Reporter - Don't really use this much.
PDA Cookbook - I sacrificed this one due to space concerns. It is a very powerful recipe book.
ShadowPlan - Next version should have support for notes. Very good outliner/todo replacement.
mmPlayer - Good video player but now replaced with TCPMP
pTools - Loads and load of tools that I just didn't use.
HiLauncher - Pretty good popup launcher.
* ClipPro - Easy to use and so very useful! Gives you multiple large clipboards to work with.

Freeware Apps
FileZ - Great File Manager
TCPMP CORE - Great Video Player
HandyShopper - My grocery store companion.
HappyDays - Keeps me up on everyones birthdays. I use the note field in Contacts.
Keyring - Good free app but now using SplashID for the Desktop companion.
Converter - Very handy to convert lots of measurement formats.
QuizWiz - Replace the kids flash cards.
Icon Manager - Great for getting just the icons I want into Datebk.
SplashBlog - Easy to post my crude Palm pics.
u*blog - Used to write this post.
DB - A decent free database.
TikTok - Several stopwatches.
BigClock - Alarm clock
* TimeCopy 1.4 - Sync Time with PC, I have used this on all of my Palms.

Next up will be Palm games.

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