Tuesday, November 02, 2010

eReaders - The Nook

Just wanted to give a quick Pros and Cons entry about the Barnes & Noble Nook.  So far for the most part I really like my Nook.

ePub format support is very good
reasonable price for the WiFi version
very readable screen, even in sunlight
expandable storage
user replaceable battery!
clients on Android, iWhatever, PC (soon to sync bookmarks)
nice big page turn buttons
lend-able books

Battery life could be better - It is not bad, just average
Sometimes a little sluggish
Poor Web Browser
Can't read Kindle format
Movement around wide documents can be difficult (and sometime impossible!)

I really like the nook but I wish I would have waited for the Color version which can do more than just read books.  It would be even better if we could do away with all of the DRM nonsense!  When coupled with the excellent Calibre software the nook really shines.  I use Calibre and store my books in Dropbox, so I can get them easily from any device.  I am looking forward to the new firmware (1.5) which is coming this month and is supposed to make things snappier.  The only other reader I would consider is the slim new Kindle, it looks very nice and the cost is now reasonable.

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