Monday, November 01, 2010

Note Taking System

Here is a little insight into my current Note-taking system.

[My Requirements]
simple no-frills note taking
system independent
No-hassle backups

[My Current Setup]
Web: Simplenote (free account)
PC: ResophNotes (free) coupled with Dropbox (free)
Droid: AndroNoter (free)
iPod Touch: Dropbox or Simplenote client (I really don't use this much but it is an option)

Using Resoph, you can set up your Simplenote account sync and tell the software to store the notes in a folder as text files.  I use a folder in Dropbox for this purpose so everything is synced with ease to both Dropbox and SimpleNote accounts.  Resoph can be a little quirky but it is very good at what it is designed for, dead simple sync of text notes to Simplenote.  It also supports Markdown, a text to HTML conversion utility which uses certain text markers to do some basic text formatting.

In addition to this I use Evernote, which lets me take Notes is other formats like pictures or Web Pages.  Evernote has clients on PC, iPhone, Web, and Android.  It is very easy to take a picture or screenshot and zip it off to my Evernote folder.  The basic service is free but you can get more storage and features for a fee.

I rarely use the web based versions of these solutions but it is nice to know they are there if I need them.  There are certainly many other combinations of software to accomplish the same thing but so far this setup has been the easiest and most reliable.

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Loc said...

Joe - thanks for sharing your system! We used to use Evernote for note capture and Toodledo for out task management. Really happy w/ Toodledo - not so much w/ Evernote. Note organization is a huge problem. Would love your thoughts on our personal organizer software when it's ready!