Thursday, July 14, 2016

HP Folio 9470m versus the Original Folio

Here are some thoughts on the HP Folio 9470m versus the original Folio.  Why?  HP, why did you put a useless slot on this laptop?  Not only did you put a SC slot on this machine, you took away the SD Card slot!  This makes no sense at all.  The laptop itself is not bad, aalthoughthe original Folio tops it in many ways.  The original had much better battery life, a SD Card slot, NO POINTER STICK (I just can’t get used to the darn thing), and a better size.  The main advantage the 9740 has is one additional USB port.  (Three USB ports on laptops should be standard on all laptops or *at least* put the two USB slots on the same side!)  Both machines are plenty zippy with adequate storage space.  They both have good screens, the 9740 is larger and has less screen glare because the original Folio has a more glossy finish.  The 9740 has dedicated Page Up and Down keys which is nice but not critical.  I prefered the HDMI port of the Original over the 9740’s Display Port.  All in all, how to make the Original a perfect machine for me?  Add one USB 3 port.  Oh, and get HP to start selling it again.

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